Royal ascot tips

Royal Ascot Tips For The Best Day

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Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious events in the calendar and a highly sought-after event for business and personal attendees. As well as going for the horse racing, many attend for the entertainment, socialising and the fashion. Whether you’ve been to Ascot many times before or this will be your first year, if you’re looking to make the most of your experience, there are a number of things you can do. Being as prepared as possible before the day can ensure it goes without a hitch. Keep reading to find out more about what you can do to make the most of your day.

Royal ascot tips

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Royal Ascot Tips

Book your tickets well in advance

Being such a popular event, Ascot sells out in advance and so it’s best to book your tickets rather than later. This is particularly true for the VIP enclosures and if you’re looking to book an area such as the Queen Anne enclosure for business purposes, don’t leave it until too late. Prices are also better the further away from the event you are.

Dress to impress

The fashion is one of the largest draws of Ascot and it offers a chance to get dressed up to the nines in a way you don’t usually get to. Keep in mind there is a strict dress code to adhere to with different restrictions in place for different enclosures and ticket types. For men, you might be required to wear a morning suit and top hat. For women, you would need formal daywear with a hat or fascinator. Dresses mustn’t be too short, show too much cleavage and there is a restriction for how thin the straps can be.

Get there in style and comfort

Getting to Ascot is all part of the experience and you want to turn up in style and comfort. With thousands of guests flocking to the famous racecourse, public transport will be cramped with little chance of finding a seat – something that’s far from ideal when you’re wearing your best clothes. Avoid this by booking a private transfer with UKChauffeur Force. We will pick you up from wherever you need, whether this be your hotel, home or somewhere else and drop you back after. We’ll provide you with sumptuously soft seats to relax back against, free Wifi to catch up on work or check in on your social media and water to refresh after a busy day at the races. You can avoid the queues of people getting on the trains and other forms of public transport and just relax. 

Navigate the enclosures

There are five main enclosures at Ascot, each offering a unique experience depending on what you’re looking for and your budget. The Royal Enclosure is the most prestigious and attendance is strictly by invitation only. This has the most strict dress code and offers the best viewing spot as well as exclusive facilities for attendees to make the most of. The Queen Anne Enclosure is the main public area and also features a range of dining options, bars and entertainment as well as great views of the track. There is also the Village enclosure and the Windsor enclosure which is the most relaxed of all. This offers picnic-style dining options and no formal dress code, although racegoers are encouraged to dress smartly and many do so for the occasion!

Have your betting strategies sorted if you’re going to put money down

While you don’t need to gamble when you’re at Ascot, many people do decide to put down some money and immerse themselves in the gaming atmosphere. If you do, it’s a good idea to understand the basics of horse racing betting beforehand. You could also ask for some Royal Ascot tips from more seasoned attendees or horse gamblers and clue yourself up on the types of bets available. 

Enjoy the food on offer

Being a whole day event, you’re going to want to savour the food options on offer at Ascot. When it comes to Royal Ascot tips, we recommend trying a couple of different dining experiences to really immerse yourself. There are many bars from champagne pop-ups to fine dining restaurants and casual eateries you can choose between. Take a walk around and check all the food options on offer before making your final choices and see if there are any you need to book in advance so you don’t miss out. 

Make the most of the entertainment

As well as the horse racing, there’s plenty to do throughout the day at Ascot. There are live music performances to be found throughout the racecourse, spanning from jazz and classical music to upbeat pop. There’s family fun days on select race days, fashion shows, themed events and race days and after-party events. 

Ascot is a truly fantastic and memorable day out that you won’t forget in a hurry. By following the above tips, you’re guaranteed the day will run smoothly and you won’t need to worry about a thing. Get in touch with us to book your luxury car service to and from Ascot to avoid the crowds, relax and recharge and round off your day in style.