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Insider Business Travel Tips for UK Cities

Last Updated: September 20, 2023By Categories: Chauffeur, Travel

The UK is a popular destination for both holidays and corporate activities, but sometimes visiting one of its major cities for work can be a stressful experience if you’re not prepared.

Traffic, public transport, weather and more can all catch you out if you’re not prepared. Below are some top insider tips for anyone visiting the UK for a business trip or corporate event.

  1. Understand the Realities of Public Transport in the UK

Some parts of the UK’s public transport network work perfectly, while others simply do not. Specifically, using trains and buses in cities like London should be done with caution if you are trying to work to a tight schedule of meetings and appointments.

As well as delays, you may find it difficult to find a seat or a space to work when travelling between engagements.

On the other hand, chauffeur driven car hire offers some distinct benefits that include the guarantee you will be able to get where you need to on time, the privacy to work or take calls while on the move, and the overall convenience of being driven by an expert.

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  1. Pack for UK Weather

If you are spending any amount of time outside while on your work trip, even just walking between buildings, make sure you’re careful about what you wear. Many visitors often find themselves caught out by bouts of rain, even during warmer spring and summer months.

If you’re using our chauffeur driven car hire service, you’ll be more protected from the weather than if you’re walking or getting public transport, but we would still recommend that you consider light down jackets or body warmers for the chill when out and about.

Also, if your chauffeur car is not equipped with an umbrella like all our vehicles are at UK Chauffeurforce, it may be prudent to bring a portable umbrella as well, even if forecasts are looking clear and sunny.

  1. Avoid Busy Central Areas

Certain times of the day and seasons such as Christmas can be incredibly busy in certain central areas of London and other major cities. These are best avoided if possible.

With a reliable corporate chauffeur in the UK, you should be able to travel through quieter spots of town that will allow you to get to where you need to on time. They will also be able to advise on the best drop off and pick up points so you can avoid crowds or busy roads.

  1. Make Advance Reservations 

It’s not always possible, but it can save you a great deal of time and stress to book the majority of your reservations in advance.

This includes hotels, restaurants, events, meeting rooms and other such bookings. There are some parts of the UK that will simply be booked up for months in advance and trying to find a space on the day may be impossible.

  1. Bring Back-Up Phone and Laptop Chargers

If you’re using a chauffeur car from our luxury fleet, you’ll be able to make use of our complementary car chargers and WiFi. However, always having a back-up power charger and ideally a pre-charged power bank in your bag is highly recommended.

While many corporate environments will offer chargers to the public and there are a growing number of public charging stations, you won’t find these everywhere.

  1. Check Your Memberships 

Many professionals now have access to social clubs, lounges and co-working spaces that allow individuals to visit sites in other countries too.

It’s highly worth checking whether you or your company have a membership that you could make use of on your trip. This could give you a reliable base to work from if needed, or even a back-up venue for meetings.

Alternatively, vehicles in our luxury fleet such as our specialist Mercedes Jet Class offer our clients at UK Chauffeurforce with their own mobile office space. Those who request this service will benefit from vehicles fitted perfectly with everything you need to work on the go, including WiFi, work tables, powerpoint facilities, TV’s, video conferencing suite and complementary refreshments.