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Chauffeur Services Kensington

Kensington Is An Expensive Place To Live

Properties in Kensington are extremely expensive, because it is the most sought-after area in which to live in London. Not only that, between April 2021 and April 2022 they increased in cost by no less than 27%. Today, the average price of a flat is £1,135 million and a house is £4,071 million. Not exactly chicken feed!

Many people who live there use our chauffeur services in Kensington in order to get around the city in comfort. Some properties do have their own garage facilities where the owners can store their Rollers and Mercs, but many do not, so using our Kensington chauffeur services is just common sense. Why fight your way through the London traffic and then have issues finding somewhere to park when you can leave all that to your chauffeur?

Any Trip You Wish

You can use a chauffeur-driven car in Kensington for any trip that you wish, whether that’s just to Harrods, or a day out for a picnic in Berkshire or Hampshire. Need to go to the airport? Your chauffeur will get you there on time and deal with all the hassle of handling luggage and so on.

Got a business meeting in Birmingham? Sit back in comfort and read the Financial Times (we give you a copy free) while your chauffeur handles the traffic on the M1 / M6.

If you are going to get married in Kensington, then you will need our wedding chauffeur hire in Kensington to get you to the wedding venue in style and luxury.

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