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Chauffeur Services in Bishops Avenue

Chauffeur-Driven Cars Are Not Just For The Wealthy

Bishops Avenue in North London is known as Billionaires Row and contains no fewer than 66 homes, each with its’ own grounds of two to three acres. It gets its’ name from the Bishop of London, Arthur Winnington-Ingram, who owned the surrounding land, and many famous people live, or have lived there.

The largest mansion, The Towers, was once owned by actress Gracie Fields but was later demolished and rebuilt by the Saudi Royal family, who then never moved in! It is now standing there rotting, believe it or not. Other famous faces who have lived there include Sir Billy Butlin of holiday camp fame, Richard Desmond, owner of Channel 5 and Express Newspapers, Heather Mills, and Justin Bieber who was paying £108,000 a month to rent a £15 million mansion. Nice work if you can get it!

Of course, people who live in this famous street don’t use public transport to get around, and most don’t drive their own cars. They prefer to use Bishops Avenue chauffeur services such as we provide at UK Chauffeurforce.

“All Very Well For Them”

You might think “That’s all very well for them” but in fact using our chauffeur services can save you money as well as enabling you to travel in style and comfort. When you own your own car, the costs are never-ending – servicing, tax, replacement parts and tyres, fuel, and more, and if you travel abroad on a plane you have to pay a fortune for parking. You have none of those charges when you use a chauffeur, so chauffeur driven car hire in Bishops Avenue is not just for the wealthy in Bishops Avenue, but for all.

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